Quiet Please-We´re Coloring Stockholm af Stine Reintoft
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Quiet Please-We´re Coloring Stockholmaf Stine Reintoft

New joyfull colouring book about Stockholm, the city that never surrenders!
Danish Illustrator Stine Reintoft’s new colouring book is dedicated to the city of Stockholm and it’s courageous inhabitants after the tragic terror strike that shook the world. She was in the city when the tragedy occurred.
"Quiet Please – We’re Coloring Stockholm” is out on 10 August 2017 and can be bought on the online publisher Saxo (www.saxo.com), various online bookstores and different museums.
Stine had gone to Stockholm, the day before the attack and spent the actual day on sketches for her new colouring book – the tenth in her series – "Quiet Please – We’re drawing Stockholm”.

“Stockholm is a beautiful and inviting city, and obviously it should have its own colouring book, and I had gone there to research for buildings and motives for the book”, Stine Reintoft says. She had been at Åhléns three hours before the terrorist struck and she was at the airport, the terrorist was heading towards after his cowardly deed. “A lovely and positive job, until the terror suddenly appeared brutally and cruelly in such a nice and happy city”, Stine continues. She was close to what happened and she has been af
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