Realm Of Light af Kassandra kulsbjerg

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Realm Of LightA retelling of the classic story of Good vs Evilaf Kassandra kulsbjerg

When we are young we are taught the difference between good and evil. Who is the hero and who is the villain of the story.
19-year-old Grace's life changes forever when her father gives her a mysterious key. Telling her to protect it with her life, only to not return as he had promised her.
In the search for her missing father, Grace ends up finding a portal that takes her from Heaven to Hell.
The portal leads her in the company of the devil’s children.
The only problem being, that the devil himself is after the key, willing to kill anyone that stands in his way. Even his own children.
Facing bigger threats than anyone could ever have imagined, the three newly formed friends must ensure the key stays with them. As heaven's fate is now in the palm of their hands.
A retelling of the classic story of Good vs Evil.
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