The Coolest Juice Detox af Martin Bonde Mogensen

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The Coolest Juice Detoxaf Martin Bonde Mogensen & Zennie Bonde Mogensen

Would you like to lose a few pounds? Have more energy? Feel stronger and healthier? And do you want recipes for delicious juices you can drink together with the entire family?
Then The Coolest Juice Detox is the book for you.
Use the book for inspiration to live a healthier life. Or try a 1,3,7,14 or 30-day detox. All your meals will consist of tasty juices and smoothies made from fruit an vegetables the colors of the rainbow. After just a few days, you already feel the difference: your body revitalized, your skin refreshed - while "love handles", impurities and small discomforts slowly disappear.
The Coolest Detox is easy to use: You get detailed plans to follow for each detox, a clear manageable shopping list and simple, exciting recipes. Before you are finished, you will have become a world-class juice expert.
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