The Emperors New Clothes (retold) af H.C. Andersen

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The Emperors New Clothes (retold)H.C. Andersen retold #2af H.C. Andersen & Clara Wedersøe Strunge

The emperor in this story hires two crooks who promise to sew him a new dress from such a piece of thin fabric that it will be practically invisible to fools. After spending some time at anempty loom, the crooks give the king the "invisible dress."

Perhaps one of the funniest tales of H.C. Andersen, exposing the stupidity and vices of the ruling elite.

Cunning crooks can deceive anyone, even the emperor himself and his loyal advisers, but not a child. Children do not know how to pretend. They say what they see, even if there is a naked emperor in front of them.

Collection: My First Tales
Illustrated by Vladimir Nenov
Retold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge

“My first tales” is a collection of H. C. Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales that have been gently retold for our young readers. Each book from this collection is illustrated by an award-winning artist.

Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen has carefully selected artists for each individual fairy tale, in order to convey the mood of the tale as well as to create magical and memorable characters.

Each book from the “My first tales” collection contains an interesting story about the life of H. C. Andersen and is accompanied by a short interview with an illustrator.
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