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The Flamedancers' FireEn del af The Valley of Heartsaf Gitte Winter Graugaard

Come with us to The Valley of Hearts and let Chief Eaglefeather introduce you to the Flamedancers' Fire. They will help you and your child (+5) cleanse your energy to find peace and fall asleep. Being a child today is challenging. 

A lot of emotions are in play. Some more fiery than others. On one side we see passionate kids with lots of emotions that are hard to handle when unbalanced. On the other side we also see kids who have lost connection with their passion power early in life and seem dimmed. Either way it is all about reconnecting with and understanding our fire element inside - our passion power. We learn how to mirror nature inside of us in the Valley of Hearts. 

Understanding our inner fire is so helpful in so many ways. This meditation is helpful for both parents and children who have too much inner fire. It will help you understand and regulate your temper. Tending to your inner fire, will help invisible and anonymous children and parents turn up your fire, enabling you to experience a more balanced energy with more passion. 

With this fire meditation, I help you teach your child to sift through the many inputs of the day and to recognize which have made an impression, and how they feel about them. You learn how to let go of pent-up energy from thoughts, feelings and experiences you no longer want to carry. When you throw the excess energy that burdens you onto the fire, you will most likely feel lighter. 

We all wish to see the spark in our children's smiling eyes, and we dream that they will fall in love with life itself and explore the many adventures life has to offer. One way to make this happen is to teach our children about their inner fire and how to tend to it.

Helping your child to balance their inner fire is helping them to navigate their future. It is a gift for life.
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