The power of relations af Morten Sehested Münster
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The power of relationsHow to Move People, Products and Perceptionaf Morten Sehested Münster

How do you increase your personal influence? And how do you execute it in an ethical manner that nurtures your relations instead of harming them? This book gives you 63 concrete strategies for increasing your personal influence.
  • How do you get your employees to follow your strategy?
  • How do you get your customers to buy your product?
  • How do you get your colleagues to accept your suggestions?
  • How do you get your teenager to clean his room?
  • How do you succeed in discussions, debates and assignments?
In this book, Morten Sehested Münster builds on 40 years’ worth of research in the field as well as on the practical principles and hands-on approach to personal influence presented by Dale Carnegie. 

Münster combines this wealth of knowledge with accounts of expert salespeople, negotiators and politicians operating in the intersection of interests, arguments and influence.

The result is 63 concrete strategies for increasing your personal influence.You’ll be swept along on a wild journey, acting as a relief worker in an African village, a man using a tram as a murder weapon and a test participant eating chocolate cake, and you’ll be accompanied all the way by such people as Benjamin Franklin, Darth Vader, Franklin D. Roosevelt and your very best friend.
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