Words for the Road VI af George Manus

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Words for the Road VI100 short reflections and punsaf George Manus

This WORDS FOR THE ROAD VI, the sixth in a row, I have dedicated to "Opinions" and given the subtitle: 100 short reflections and puns. With these the total is now 700.

All words for the road are expressions of my spontaneous opinions and thoughts when they were put on paper. Some of them the reader will find obvious while others could have been formed differently or not be included at all. But, from time to time it is hopefully some of them that stick out and give an afterthought. If so, my purpose for them is achieved.

The reflection "Opinions" which I wrote in 2014, is taken from the book REFLECTIONS II and reproduced from page 14. Most of the content of this book is first written in Norwegian and then translated into English, so I ask the reader to be indulgent in the English presentation, which often does not get quite the same rhythm and meaning as the Norwegian.

As in the previous five WORDS FOR THE ROAD, the table of contents is presented in alphabetical order in both English and Norwegian. In the book the English comes first, with the corresponding Norwegian next to it.

If you should get the feeling that youve heard some of them before, I can assure you it has never been my intention to plagiarize.
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